ICanna is a leading CBD extraction & manufacturing enterprise nestled in Ames, Iowa. Our unwavering commitment lies in crafting premium CBD products designed to seamlessly integrate into everyone’s wellness journey & holistic lifestyle.

    Why ICanna:

      • Iowa-grown, Iowa Made Products
      • Incredible Prices
      • Veteran Owned
      • USDA Organic
      • 3rd Party Tested

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Petition To Save The Hemp Industry!

Iowa Regulators are trying to limit your access to CBD & THC Products! Link to the petition: https://www.care2.com/go/z/e/A0dB3/zoyY/DcSjT  If Iowa Bills HSB 655 & SSB 3159

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How to use CBGa Hemp Flower

As the world embraces the diverse benefits of CBGa hemp flower, we present a palate-pleasing journey into the realm of CBGa-infused creations. Join us in

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